My Worst Day Ever – Should Have Called a Towing Service

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I have had a lot of bad days in my lifetime. I’m sure the average person can say that they have had some bad days, but I am the reigning champion (with no competition in sight). There is one day in my mind that stands out as the worse day of my life. I could not make this up if I tried so I will just state what I know to be true.

I was coming back from lunch one day and I got in a turning lane on a busy highway and my car cut off. I tried to start back up, but my car would not start. It was a pitiful feeling because a lot of people were turning and I was blocking the lane. In all honesty, it probably was not any more than the usual amount of people that would be turning on that street during that time. It just felt like I was blocking millions of other drivers from reaching their destinations.

They didn’t have any shame about letting me know how upset they were. I heard horns and a few expletives that I had never heard combined together before. I had just finished paying for the car. I was thinking that I was going to have this vehicle for another 5 years. As the sweat dripped down my forehead – this was during the summer – I could not help but cry at the thought of another monthly car note.

I had no idea what was going wrong with the car. Someone came over to jump start me after lots of other people passed me by. I was super grateful for the help, but the jump start did not help me at all. It wasn’t my battery. The idea of calling a towing service was as unappealing as sitting in this broken down vehicle.

I was frustrated, but I was also embarrassed. I was in standing out in the highway with a car that would not start and there were pretty girls everywhere just looking at me like I was the most pitiful site they had seen for the day. I was in a college town so there were tons of students just passing to gawk at me and my broken down vehicle. I am sure that they were just headed to class, but it seemed like they were driving just to stare and point at my broken car. It goes down in history as the worst day of my life.

Tow Truck Service Tips

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Having access to tow truck services can save you both time and money. Many insurance plans offer a free number of tows per year, which makes it easy to forget just how valuable this service is, it’s not cheap to tow your car without insurance. It’s best to have it done though, the risk of having your vehicle stolen or impounded isn’t worth it.

Do’s and Don’ts

When calling for a tow, whether it is due to car problems or in the event of an accident, you should be prepared before the tow truck company arrives and know what to do when they get there. The first thing you should do, if your car has power, is to move it away from the oncoming traffic and off the road. Not just for the safety of passerby’s, but also as a courtesy for the tow truck operator, who must have enough space to position his truck near your vehicle to hook it up.

Turn on your hazard lights as soon as you know that your vehicle isn’t going anywhere on its own. This should be a routine safety measure, but it is often forgotten, especially if you haven’t experienced much car trouble personally. This also helps the tow truck driver find and position himself better with your car at night. As you are waiting for them to arrive, make sure you have all your important belongings gathered and that you stay inside the car until they arrive.


Towing laws

Know your rights to prevent your car from being towed under questionable situations. Often times when a car is towed, it is for good reason and usually the owner’s negligence is to blame. There are exceptions to this rule, though, and there is a segment of the business that operates under more opportunistic conditions. This is known as predatory towing, when towing companies will scout for vehicles that are legally parked in places with little or no official signage to indicate that they are in the right. Some tow trucks will also prowl for illegally parked vehicles in parking lots and tow them to pass the buck to the owner of the property at a higher mark-up. Extortion is unfortunately a part of some company’s business plans, so know your rights.

Trustworthy towing service

There are plenty of honest towing companies out there, you just have to do a little research to find out which ones are reputable for your area. You should not be afraid to call upon smaller tow truck companies, as they will often have the best rates and honest people working for them.