What You need to know before Car Rental Coupons Lure You

Okay, so you’ve just seen this coupon ad on TV with amazing offers and the next thing ringing on your mind is how to get that coupon and rush to the car rental company. But wait; ask yourself a few thought provoking questions.

It is important to know how free days are calculated. This is the value taken off at the end of the rental. The value of free days is equal to the base rate divided by the number of rental days. What the car rental companies won’t tell you is that the base rate value taken is the one before taxes are counted. After all, many car rental customers will rarely sit to do all that boring arithmetic. That way, you’ll never pause to think how “free” these free days are while your car rental company banks lots of cash on your ignorance! Which days does it apply? Normally, a weekly coupon should go for 5 or more days whereas the other weekend rental should go for a maximum of 3 days,that is Friday through to Sunday. To which car sizes will car rental coupons be used?

Find out any driver fee charges that may come with the rental. Don’t believe everything they tell you on commercials. Evaluate car rental coupons from other companies and settle for the one which best fits you; not the one with the highest free days offer. Safe driving!